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Every day is a chance to start your life anew. Thank You, Hashem is a guide through the year, a book of 365 unique daily affirmations, designed to help you start each day with clarity and purpose. Let the wise words of Debbie Betesh, The Happiness Queen, guide you towards spiritual and physical contentment with these lessons learned from her own process of growth and self-discovery. These daily affirmations are a reminder of your special place in the universe, and a blueprint for how best you can fill it. Thank You, Hashem will give you a way to frame each day as an opportunity to take control of your own happiness. After all, the only way to live your life is one day at a time.

About the Author

Native New Yorker Debbie Betesh has dedicated her life to healing herself and others through the power of love and dedication. Living in the hectic world of Manhattan has taught Debbie that persistence is the key to achieving goals in life. This understanding led Debbie to develop the system of Daily Affirmation as a way to keep herself focused on the practice of cultivating a healthy soul. This daily spiritual and physical practice has brought her incalculable peace and joy, and she now seeks to share her discoveries with the world. With her writing, Debbie hopes to light a path towards contentment for all who seek it.